Goliathizm: "Panier De Crabes" feat. Babar Dalichar Arok DshabbaMc DanL'Artchitexte ChokoMc Wize L​-​Zac Degy & DeeJuli'One​(​Cuts)

by Babar, Dali, Arok, Dshabba, Dan, Choko, Wize, L-Zac, DegyLeRskp, DeeJuli'One, Goliath

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Wizzye South-West
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Wizzye South-West I love it because it's da shit and to tell the truth I spit 16 bars on it ^^


Third Goliathizm Cypher
Troisème Cypher par Goliathizm


released October 15, 2016
Beat Edit A&R: Goliath
Rap: Featurings
Scratches: Dee Juli'One
Mix&Master: Mazoutprod / Mazz



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